Kevin King – Freedom Ticket(fix)

Kevin King – Freedom Ticket

Freedom Ticket was created as an interactive, over-the-shoulder walkthrough with the sole purpose of guiding you through the process of selling on Amazon.

The complete package includes 8 weekly modules, 60 lessons, 21 hours of content, detailed written study notes, 30+ handouts and review slides.
Amazon & Business Basics
Learn everything you need to know with getting started selling on Amazon. Kevin goes over everything from basic business requirements to how much money you need to start selling to a walkthrough of seller central.
Branding, Money & Millions
Learn the importance of branding and how money comes into play with selling on Amazon. This section covers cash flow, costs to selling, ppc and much more.
Picking a Successful Product
Learn the necessary steps to finding a successful product on Amazon.
Suppliers, Orders, & Shipping
Find out where to source products, finding and handling suppliers, shipping problems and solutions.
How to Compete & Win Big
Learn how you can compete against other Amazon sellers by learning about brand registry, key ranking factors, how to get discovered on Amazon, and the key to making sales.
How to Create High Converting Listings
Learn how you can create the best listing for your product. This sections covers every crucial part of your listing and walks you through how to best optimize them to get the most traffic.
Ranking, Advertising & Promotions
Everything leads up to ranking your products and how you can do that with advertising. Learn how to increase traffic to your listing and how to launch your product to page 1.
Bringing it All Together
Long hands-on overview of everything covered so far and on finding a product to sell.
Bonus 1: Free 3 months access to Helium 10’s Black Box – Amazon Product Research
Bonus 2: Free 3 months access to Helium 10’s Magnet 2.0 – Amazon Keyword Aggregator
Bonus 3: Free 3 months access to Helium 10’s Cerebro – Reverse ASIN Lookup
Bonus 4: Free 3 months access to Helium 10’s Xray – Amazon Product Validator
Bonus 5a: Free 3 months access to Helium 10’s Frankenstein – Amazon Keyword Processor
Bonus 5b: Free 3 months access to Helium 10’s Scribbles – Amazon List Optimization
Bonus 6: $100 OFF every month on Helium 10’s Diamond plan (includes 21+ tools)

All 8 sections and 60 Modules of Amazon A to Z (21 hours of training)
BONUS 1: Product Evaluation & Cashflow Spreadsheet
BONUS 2: 15 Additional downloads to supplement the training
BONUS 3: How to Sell on eBay using Amazon in 10 minutes or less
BONUS 4: How to verify your supplier is giving you a fair price
BONUS 5: Private Freedom Ticket Facebook Group access
BONUS 6: 3 months of weekly Q&A Webinars with Kevin (13 weeks)
BONUS 7: Access to Live Product Selection & Keyword Research Webinar

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