Kill Game by Jennifer May, Adam Nicholls

Kill Game by Jennifer May, Adam Nicholls
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 412 KB

Twenty years ago, the missing girl emerged from a basement in the arms of a young detective. He promised to become her guardian and keep her safe. Now, he may have to break that promise.
Bella Cruz grew up to become Portland’s most recognizable detective, but it made her too easy to find. When the killer from her past sees her on the news, he endeavours to kill countless civilians until Bella surrenders herself. While Bella makes her decision, more innocents must die, forcing her back into her deepest, darkest nightmares, where even her father can’t protect her.
The Portland Predator is close, and there’s nothing she can do but give in to his disturbing demands. Kill Game thrusts thrilling twists at you from every angle, forcing you to keep reading for just a little longer.
*This novel collects three previously published instalments.

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