Killing Frank Barnes by Ruth DuCharme

Killing Frank Barnes by Ruth DuCharme
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 283 KB

When personal lives and professional ambition collide, Rookie Officer Elizabeth Noble and her disgraced training officer, Tom Dekker will have to choose: which side of the thin blue line will they land on.
Elizabeth is determined to start her new career off right by making no mistakes, taking no chances and definitely not leaning on her boyfriend’s vast experience. Jack’s been an undercover narcotics officer for two years but Elizabeth wants to make a name for herself and on her own merit. She vows to keep her personal life separate from her professional one but she quickly realizes that Jack is a valuable resource in an investigation and she wonders how long can that compartmentalized life really last?
Dekker has been demoted from his rank as sergeant of the vice unit after a routine buy bust led to a drug dealers death and a missing informant. Now all he cares about is making it through the last few years to retirement without further embarrassment. When he and Elizabeth take a call of a vehicle fire in their beat, Dekker quickly discovers the dead body inside is not only a murder victim but tentatively identified as his missing informant. Can he figure out what really happened that day, two years ago, and clear his name?
Elizabeth and Dekker are on a collision course resulting in an event they never could have seen coming; killing Frank Barnes.

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