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Kirk Allmond takes on all aspects of zombies. This isn’t just a vocation, it’s a passion. In 2006, The Zombie Preparedness Initiative was formed as a global project to prepare the world for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Or, whatever disaster may occur. The Zombie Preparedness Initiative, or ZPI, is unique in that it connects zombie literature, survivalism, and a dash of humor. The site provides a useful service with wit and wisdom.
On the site, there’s an article about creating a zombie plan. The article is a thoughtful and thorough discussion of what an ordinary person should learn about being prepared for any emergency or disaster, not just a plan for when the dead walk the earth. Alongside this article are postings about gardening and food preservation, including the all-important topic “How to Make Bacon Post Apocalypse”, weaponry and supplies.
Kirk didn’t write all the articles, and gives the majority of the credit to his Advisory Board, a group of writers, survivalists, and zombie enthusiasts who oversee the content of the site. Many ideas are contributed by members of the large community of readers, who also participate in the discussion forums.
Allmond’s novels, the “What Zombies Fear” series are co-authored with Laura Bretz. What Zombies Fear: A Father’s Quest has reached the number one spot on Amazon’s Horror, Paranormal, and Superhero best seller lists.
The series follows Victor Tookes in his quest to keep his son safe. It’s different than most zombie novels in that these zombies are caused by a parasitic alien, which hitchhiked to earth aboard a meteor. These aliens invade the brain of the host, taking control of the body. In the case of a weaker infection, the corpse becomes the traditional Romero style zombie. But in cases of severe infection, the parasites can control more areas of the brain, allowing for zombies that can pass as human. In rare cases of the strongest infection, those zombies are able to access areas of the brain that normal humans did not, giving them heightened abilities.
Their latest novel, Declaration of War was published April, 2013, and reached the number 1 spot on Amazon’s Best Seller list in the Horror category.
There are currently five novels published in the series, and a new novel in progress.

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What Zombies Fear Series / with Laura Bretz

Kirk Allmond – A Father’s Quest (read by Victor Bevine)
Kirk Allmond – The Maxists (read by Victor Bevine)
Kirk Allmond – The Gathering (read by Victor Bevine)
Kirk Allmond – Fracture (read by Victor Bevine)
Kirk Allmond – Declaration Of War (read by Victor Bevine)
Kirk Allmond – The Incarnation (read by Victor Bevine)

What Zombies Fear Series


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