Knives 2012: The World’s Greatest Knife Book

Knives 2012: The World’s Greatest Knife Book
Publisher: Krause Publ
Date: 2011-09-22
ISBN-10: 1440216878
ISBN-13: 9781440216879
Language: English
Pages: 312
Added: 2018-11-13 07:44:06

In its 32nd Edition, Knives 2012 progresses with the knives, showcasing the increasing talent of the world’s best knifemakers who forge and grind curvaceous blades, fashion handles from the finest materials and practice embellishment techniques saved for only the most skilled artisans.
Featured articles:

  • Carving titanium handles
  • Making knife blades from Lake Superior beach sand
  • Hollywood movie knives and swords
  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking swords
  • AND…the finer points of Bob Loveless knives

Also Includes:

  • World’s most complete Directory of Custom Knifemakers includes websites, emails and phone numbers
  • Hot Trends in handmade knives
  • State Of The Art embellishments and knifemaking techniques
  • Historical overview of knives and their makers

Savor the hand-selected, splendid color photography of some of the most beautiful and original custom knives in the world, chosen from over 2,000 submissions. The ever-evolving, magical world of custom knives, knifemaking techniques and embellishments is captured in full, glorious color between the covers of the most coveted book on edged masterpieces– Knives 2012.
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