Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Declarative Problem Solving

Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Declarative Problem Solving
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date: 2003-02-24
ISBN-10: 0521818028
ISBN-13: 9780521818025
Language: English
Pages: 544
Added: 2013-01-06 05:40:15

Knowledge management and knowledge-based intelligence are areas of importance in today’s economy and society, and their exploitation requires representation via the development of a declarative interface whose input language is based on logic. Chitta Baral demonstrates how to write programs that behave intelligently by giving them the ability to express knowledge and reason about it. He presents a language, AnsProlog, for both knowledge representation and reasoning, and declarative problem solving. Many of the results have never appeared before in book form but are organized here for those wishing to learn more about the subject, either in courses or through self-study. Show more Show less ef4074a60335a0ce29df25f226a02073] Size: (2.09 MB) [/code]c5264cc1264fb1e908db9b03a53385f0] Bad link [/code]File name: 0521818028.pdf File size: 2.09 MB

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