Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating The World’s Most …

Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating The World’s Most Elusive Creatures

For centuries, eyewitnesses around the world – from America to Africa, Argentina to Scotland – have reported sightings of dark, mysterious creatures in area lakes that surface briefly, only to quickly disappear. While the most famous lake monsters, those living in Loch Ness and Lake Champlain, have gained international notoriety, hundreds of lakes around the world are said to shelter these shadowy creatures. ""Lake Monster Mysteries"" is the first book to collectively approach these widespread mysteries from a scientific perspective. By using exhaustive research and results from their own investigations to help separate truth from myth, the authors foster our understanding of what really lurks in the cold, murky depths. Benjamin Radford and Joe Nickell are considered to be among the top lake monster authorities in the world. Here, they share unique insights into many of the world’s best-known lake monsters. They interview dozens of people and discuss the different types of lake monster sightings, delve into possible explanations for those sightings, and examine hoaxes, evidence claims, and legends surrounding the monsters. The authors have conducted ground-breaking fieldwork and experiments at lakes, examined photographic evidence, and analyzed the most current sonar readings. Incorporating newly revealed information and up-to-date developments, the cases in ""Lake Monster Mysteries"" are in-depth, firsthand investigations that will inform and entertain both avid lake monster researchers and lovers of unexplained mysteries.