Landscape And Memory

Landscape And Memory
Publisher: Vintage
Date: 1996-11-05
ISBN-10: 0679735127
ISBN-13: 9780679735120
Language: English
Pages: 672
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A Time Magazine Best Books of the Year.¬†In Landscape and Memory, award-winning author Simon¬†Schama ranges over continents and centuries to reveal the psychic claims that human beings have made on nature. He tells of the Nazi cult of the primeval German forest; the play of Christian and pagan myth in Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers; and the duel between a monumental sculptor and a feminist gadfly on the slopes of Mount Rushmore. The result is a triumphant work of history, naturalism, mythology, and art, as encyclopedic as The Golden Bough and as irresistibly readable as Schama’s own Citizens.

"A work of great ambition and enormous intellectual scope…consistently provocative and revealing."–New York Times

"Extraordinary…a summary cannot convey the riches of this book. It will absorb, instruct, and fascinate."–New York Review of Books Show more Show less 65a16c73e99fd5bb5b070e0f4a26fcbc] Size: (50.20 MB) [/code]File name: q450o.Landscape.And.Memory.rar File size: 50.20 MB 234f39c18bbeefe956dcefd4bb58aeab  Size: (50.23 MB)             

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