Langford’s Basic Photography: The Guide For Serious …

Langford’s Basic Photography: The Guide For Serious Photographers

Langford’s Basic Photography is a seminal photography text. First published in 1965, it has informed the work and career of many of the world’s leading photographers. This ninth edition continues the tradition of its predecessors, reflecting the same comprehensive mix of scholarly and practical information while covering every aspect of photography from capture through to output. As well as an emphasis on explaining the `how to’ of the medium, Langford’s Basic Photography also includes in-depth coverage of the fundamental principles that govern the art, such as how light behaves, optics, and the sensor. This ensure that you come away not only with a good grasp of photographic technique, but also an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals that will help you to better understand how great photographs are made. The new edition has been fully updated to reflect dynamic changes in the industry, and new elements include an expansion and overhaul of the information on digital cameras and digital printing, a wider range of photography from around the world, and a fully edited and updated photography timeline. This landmark text is an essential purchase, both for new photographers as an introduction, and for established photographers as an invaluable reference work.