Language And Politics In Post-soviet Russia: A …

Language And Politics In Post-soviet Russia: A Corpus Assisted Approach

Language and Politics in Post-Soviet Russia critically examines the uses of language in post-Soviet media and political texts. Drawing on theories from a range of fields, including critical discourse studies, metaphor analysis, media studies, as well as recent developments in corpus linguistics, the book investigates the changing discursive landscape of the political decade between 1998 and 2007. Not yet applied to the linguistic and political situation in post-Soviet Russia, the framework of corpus-assisted discourse analysis offers a rich potential for a systematic and critical interrogation of discursive practices that characterized Russian politics shortly before and during the president Vladimir Putin’s first two terms in office. The corpus-based and contextually grounded analyses of loanwords and metaphors allow the author to reveal changes and continuities in the subtle interplay between language and politics in post-Soviet Russia.