Law School for Everyone: Contracts by David Horton

Law School for Everyone: Contracts by David Horton
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Overview: What, exactly, are you doing when you agree to a contract? Should courts blindly enforce fine print that nobody ever reads? Where’s the line between salesmanship and outright fraud? Should written contracts carry more weight than verbal ones?
Join Professor Horton for an accessible introduction from contract essentials, including offers, acceptances, counteroffers, and options and defenses, to contract enforcement, such as fraud, duress, and unconscionability. In lectures that demystify concepts and terms that can often seem intimidating to individuals outside of legal fields, you’ll better understand (and navigate) the contracts of everyday life.
Legal concepts come alive in court cases that range from the outrageous to the heart-rending to the ridiculous. Among the many cases you’ll examine are those involving a contract for the sale of a farm written on a piece of scratch paper, a young man who claimed a soda company owed him a fighter jet, and two companies that couldn’t agree on the meaning of the word "chicken".
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