Learn To Play The Beatles To A Tee Volume 1 to 4 Video Tutorials

Rob Taylor – the best songs of the legendary The Beatles. Guitars matched by 100%. Rob Taylor has spent over 20 years, analyzing the guitar in the music of Beatles. He he studied books, magazines, videos, and thoroughly studied all the nuances of their music.

Rob picked up a perfectly fine performance for a guitar in every song, and ensures that every element, every song is exactly the same as in the original performance of the Beatles. Now you, with this video, can play their songs with surprising accuracy

What can I say, and so everything is clear! Carefully podobranye Beatles songs, well, Rob Taylor simply incredible gratitude! For fans of Zhukov holding tool, and for beginners, this is a wonderful gift.

The first and second parts of the chord symbols are displayed on the screen in the literal form is C / G , Am , E7 , etc. And since the third part, has already presented visually drawn, colored vulture – Comp. graphics, where everything is displayed until you press each string, with all approved tabulaturnymi symbols. One word, all comfortable, and visually .

Plus, Rob has managed to assemble an impressive collection of instruments – guitar and Combo, which played the Beatles. More precisely, this tool is those firms that have preferred the Beatles.