Learn To Play Winning Chess!

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Created by: Mike Cuggy

Nine videos guaranteed to transform you from a complete beginner to a tactically aware chess player.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this course you will have acquired a thorough understanding of how chess games are played and be more than capable of winning your fair share of the games you play.
You’ll have had a lot of fun learning this marvellous game
Non-chess players think chess is hard so you’ll be regarded as hyper-intelligent
Members of the opposite sex will think you’re amazing!
You’ll be ready to play online against people all over the world
…and chess will be your friend for the rest of your life


Other than a desire to learn how to play (and to win) this wonderful game, you don’t need any materials (other than something to write down your answers to the ‘Has It Stuck?’ questions)
An attention span sufficient to last for the duration of 5 to 10 minute videos 😉


What is this course about?
This is a complete guide to understanding and playing the game of chess; from the correct way to set up the board through to tactical ideas and the various ways to win the game.
How is the course delivered?
After the introduction video there are eight instruction videos followed by a course review video. These are in the form of slide presentations with ‘voice-over’ coaching. Each of the instruction videos is accompanied by a self-test question paper, an answer sheet and a key points summary sheet so that you can check your understanding along the way and have a ‘hard copy’ of the main learning points.
How long will the course take to complete?
The course is presented in ‘bite-sized’ pieces, each video lasting between five and ten minutes. The total video time is 70 minutes but you’ll also be completing self-test question papers each containing ten questions, you’ll be checking your answers against the provided answer sheets and reading the key points summary sheets. If you covered all of that in the one sitting it would take around two and a half hours.
Why take this course?
You’ll want to take this course if you want to learn how to play what is unquestionably the best board game ever devised. This course will give you an accurate and solid grounding in all the rules and general principles of sound play and you’ll find that, although becoming a very strong chess player can take years, learning how to play is easy.
Learning to play chess is like finding a new friend – one who’s always there for you and who will give you a lifetime of pleasure.
‘Chess, like love, is infectious at any age.’ Salo Flohr – Soviet International Chess Master

In the video ‘Learn to play winning chess! – Introduction’

A sincere welcome and an overview of the course content.

In the video ‘How to correctly set up the board and the chess pieces …’

The correct way to set up the board and the pieces at the start of the game.
The object of the game and the importance of King safety.
How to record chess games -and why it’s so useful.
‘Has it Stuck?’ quiz.
Answer sheet
Key Points Summary sheet

In the video ‘The Major Pieces’

The power of the Queen and the vital importance of the King.
‘Check’ and the priority of escaping from it.
The three ways of escaping from it.
The Rook and how it moves
King and Queen checkmating a lone King
Double Rook checkmate
‘Has it Stuck?’ quiz.
Answer Sheet
Key Points Summary

In the video ‘The Minor Pieces’

Bishops and Knights – Their strengths and limitations
‘Smothered Mate’.
‘Has it Stuck?’ quiz
Answer Sheet
Key Points Summary.

In the video ‘The Power of the Pawns’

The common misconception of their lowly status.
How Pawns move – including their initial move and how they capture.
Pawn formations – strengths and weaknesses
Pawn promotion.
Pawns in attack and defence.
The en passant capture.
‘Has it Stuck?’ quiz.
Answer sheet
Key Points Summary

In the video ‘Protecting Your King’

The purpose of castling.
When castling is not allowed.
The relative values of the pieces
‘Has it Stuck?’ quiz.
Answer sheet
Key Points Summary

In the video ‘Delivering Checkmate!’

Various checkmates in different phases of the game
‘Pawn storm’ mates
Back rank mate
‘Has it Stuck?’ quiz.
Answer sheet
Key Points Summary

In the video ‘How To Play The Opening’

The three aims of the opening phase
The Italian Opening example
‘Has It Stuck?’ quiz
Answer sheet
Key Points Summary

In the video ‘Win Your Games Using These Tactical Themes’

Various examples of material winning tactics e.g. Forks, Pins and Skewers
Discovered Attacks, Discovered Checks and Double Checks
‘Has it Stuck?’ quiz (using positions from actual games).
Answer sheet

In the video ‘Course Review’

Review and consolidation of all areas covered.
Recommendations for future improvement

Who this course is for:

This course is intended for anyone who has never played chess or who feels that their understanding of the game needs to be refreshed. No previous chess knowledge is required.
7 years old?… This course is designed with you in mind
97 years old?… Where’ve you been? Catch up now!
Ladies – Here’s a game you can play on equal terms.
Guys – Learn to play this game before the ladies make you look silly!


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