Learning Dart – Build Your First App with Flutter

Learning Dart – Build Your First App with Flutter

By: Tim Anthony
Genre: Programming
Publisher: Packt
Language: English
Format: MP4
Duration: 8 hours 49 minutes
Size: 2.80gb

Get to know Spring Security and its concepts
Explore Spring Security Advanced configuration tips
Distinguish between Authorization and Authentication
Implement a custom Authentication mechanism
Integrate OAuth2 mechanism with your application to make it more secure
Define roles with Spring Security Authorization
Prevent common attacks such as CORS and CSRF with proper spring-security configuration
Securing your application from hackers is the most high-pressure concerns for developers. In this course, you’ll learn how to protect your Java application from malicious attacks and users with the Spring Security framework.

You’ll integrate Spring Security into your application using the Spring frameworks through practical, hands-on examples. You’ll see how to secure your web application, integrate authentication and authorization mechanisms, and restrict access to your application. You’ll discover how to integrate it with popular frameworks such as Spring Web MVC, Spring-Boot, Spring-Data, Servlet API injection, and more.

We’ll cover the security challenges with Reactive web apps built for the cloud, RESTful web services, and microservice architectures with the Spring framework. You’ll also implement techniques for protection against attacks such as session fixation, clickjacking, cross-site request forgery, and more.

By the end of the course, you’ll understand common security vulnerabilities and be able to prevent them with Spring Security, with an empirical approach to securing your web applications.

The code bundle for this course is available at


Style and Approach
This step-by-step, fast-paced guide will help you secure your app with Spring Security. With this practical approach, you’ll take your skills to the next level and will be able to create totally secure applications.

Use Spring Security to secure your Spring service
Understand OAuth2 flow and integration with the Spring application
Make your app secure by preventing CORS and CSRF attacks



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