Lee Child – Jack Reacher – The Christmas Scorpion

Lee Child – Jack Reacher
The Christmas Scorpion – A Novella
Narrated by way of Jeff Harding
Mp3 | 33 MIN | 8.43 MB

Jack Reacher likes to move south for the iciness, to stick heat, so simply sooner than Christmas he arrives in a small the town in Southern California. But the elements there isn’t heat and dry, as it is meant to be: he arrives in a freak snowstorm.
Reacher unearths shelter in a snowed-in roadhouse with 4 different strangers stranded by way of the typhoon. Two of them are British army police, separated by way of the elements from the VIP they’re detailed to offer protection to. Can Reacher lend a hand them in finding their man, or will an undercover murderer in finding him first?