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Lev Grossman (born June 26, 1969 in Concord, Massachusetts) is an American novelist and journalist, most notable as the author of The Magicians Trilogy: The Magicians (2009), The Magician King (2011), and The Magician’s Land (2014). He was formerly the book critic and lead technology writer at Time magazine (2002-16).
Grossman was born to a Jewish family on June 26, 1969 in Concord, Massachusetts. He is the twin brother of video game designer and novelist Austin Grossman, brother of sculptor Bathsheba Grossman, and son of the poet Allen Grossman and the novelist Judith Grossman. He is an alumnus of Lexington High School and Harvard College. He graduated from Harvard in 1991 with a degree in literature. Grossman then attended a Ph.D. program in comparative literature for three years at Yale University, but left before completing his dissertation.
Grossman lives in Brooklyn with his second wife, Sophie Gee, whom he married in early 2010,and his daughter Lily from a previous marriage. On June 10, 2010, his daughter, Halcyon Harriet Graham, was born. In September 2012, his third child, Benedict, was born. Though Grossman’s background is Jewish, and he includes religion in his work, he is a self professed atheist.

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The Magicians Series

Lev Grossman – The Magicians (read by Mark Bramhall)
Lev Grossman – The Magician King (read by Mark Bramhall)
Lev Grossman – The Magician’s Land (read by Mark Bramhall)
Lev Grossman – Short Stories (read by Mark Bramhall)


Lev Grossman – Codex (read by Jeff Harding)
Lev Grossman – Warp (read by Kirby Heyborne)

The Magicians Series