Libertarian War on Poverty Repairing by Daniel K. Robin

Libertarian War on Poverty Repairing the Ladder of Upward Mobility by Daniel K. Robin
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Overview: While passion for freedom seems to be widespread in the United States, it’s benefits for people struggling with poverty may seem vague or even dubious. But freedom is vital to remove the barriers that impede the climb out of poverty and forms a basis for effective anti-poverty policies. This is the distinctive thesis of this book.

My mission is to inspire the warm-hearted and charitable among us to use freedom as their tool to help the poor. My mission is to inspire those who love liberty to recognize the contribution they make in the struggle against poverty. Adam Smith’s invisible hand and Friedrick Hayek’s spontaneous order are the true champions of the poor. I believe it is time to take back the high moral ground for economic liberty. My progressive friends always claimed the
need to “do something for the poor” and they believe strongly that without a government program you aren’t doing anything. By repairing the ladder of upward mobility we are doing a great deal to help the poor.
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