Lick Library – Easy Blues Fusion Guitar

Lick Library – Easy Blues Fusion Guitar
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Start taking your blues playing to the next level with an injection of jazz and practical theory. Lessons by Levi Clay. This excellent DVD?draws from the styles of legendary artists such as Larry Carlton and Robben Ford. We’ll look at 30 licks in great detail (across 3 positions) which are not only taught note for note, but explained in a way that will not just show you where to play, but focusing in on exactly why we’re playing that particular note in relation to the chord. The DVD?also includes TAB which features all the licks, improvisation and diagrams to really help you get this under your fingers fast. We’ll also look at scale and arpeggio shapes in a selection of CAGED positions, and dig down into the sound of the dominant 7 chord and much more to massively improve your blues fusion techniques.

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