Light Scattering Reviews, Volume 11: Light Scattering …

Light Scattering Reviews, Volume 11: Light Scattering And Radiative Transfer

Editors: Kokhanovsky, Alexander (Ed.) Presents the results of cutting-edge research in light scattering and radiative transfer Can be used to create software for the simulation of polarized light propagation in atmosphere and ocean Offers in-depth theoretical insights into radiative transfer and light scattering processes This is the eleventh volume in the series Light Scattering Reviews, devoted to current knowledge of light scattering problems and both experimental and theoretical research techniques related to their solution. The focus of this volume is to describe modern advances in radiative transfer and light scattering optics. This book brings together the most recent studies on light radiative transfer in the terrestrial atmosphere, while also reviewing environmental polarimetry. The book is divided into nine chapters: the first four chapters review recent advances in modern radiative transfer theory and provide detailed descriptions of radiative transfer codes (e.g., DISORT and CRTM). Approximate solutions of integro-differential radiative transfer equations for turbid media with different shapes (spheres, cylinders, planeparallel layers) are detailed chapters 5 to 8 focus on studies of light scattering by single particles and radially inhomogeneous media the final chapter discusses the environmental polarimetry of man-made objects. Number of Illustrations and Tables 79 b/w illustrations, 109 illustrations in colour Topics Atmospheric Sciences Classical Electrodynamics, Wave Phenomena Planetology Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry