Lights, Camera..Travel! (Anthology)

Lights, Camera..Travel! (Anthology)
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Date: 2011-11-01
ISBN-10: 1742204937
ISBN-13: 9781742204932
Language: English
Pages: 320
Added: 2012-12-29 08:40:03

Lights, Camera.Travel!

Since the Ancient Greeks, actors have been society’s storytellers. And ever since Hollywood first left the back lot, these storytellers have been traveling to far-flung corners of the world to tell those tales. We decided to ask some of the most widely traveled people in the film industry to sit down and tell us their own stories – personal, inspiring, funny, embarrassing and human experiences from their time on the road.

Featuring contributions by Alex Baldwin, Brooke Shields, Richard E. Grant, Neil LaBute, Bruce Beresford and Sandra Bernhard.

Edited by Andrew McCarthy (Pretty In Pink, St Elmo’s Fire, Less Than Zero), and Don George (A Moveable Feast, Tales from Nowhere, National Geographic contributing editor). Show more Show less 020bf6092d1d246adba801ec02e93508] Size: (2.20 MB) [/code]e26f90d56bc2f791c57106ca72c06c2e] Bad link [/code]File name: 1742204937_Lights,.epub File size: 2.20 MB