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Like Wolves at the Fold by way of Mike Snook

Like Wolves at the Fold: The Defence of Rorke’s Drift by way of Mike Snook
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Overview: Wednesday 22 January 1879 was once one of the vital dramatic days within the annals of army historical past. In the morning, a contemporary British military was once swept apart by way of the onset of a apparently unstoppable host at Isandlwana. Nearby, at a far flung border outpost at the Buffalo River, a unmarried corporate of the 24th Regiment and a couple of dozen recovering medical institution sufferers have been passing any other sizzling, monotonous day. News of the crisis around the river got here like a bolt from the blue. Retreat was once no longer an choice. It appeared positive that the Rorke’s Drift detachment would proportion the horrible destiny in their comrades.

Colonel Snook brings the insights of an army skilled to endure on this strikingly unique account. It is an abnormal story – a victory in large part completed by way of the sheer bloody-mindedness in adversity of the British infantryman, preventing on the exceptional odds of over thirty to at least one. The heroics of all 11 VC winners are recounted intimately, and we’re presented new insights into how the Zulu assault spread out and the way 150 males completed their unbelievable victory. The creator describes the rest of the battle, from the restoration of the misplaced Queen’s Colour of the 24th to the climactic price of the 17th Lancers at Ulundi. We go back to Isandlwana to believe culpability, and be informed of the steadily tragic fates of lots of the battle’s individuals.
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