Linux in the Real World


Linux in the Real World
English | mp4 | H264 800×600 | AAC 1 ch 55 kbps | 9 hrs 18 min | 1.2 GB

Linux in the Real World is a virtual Linux internship, right inside your browser! This series goes beyond the hypotheticals to give viewers a “virtual internship” experience.

This user-directed series from Shawn Powers offers a "virtual internship" experience in Linux. Shawn took his cues from you, and is designing this series based on your feedback. Video #2 was created first and made available free to all viewers, who then sent in feedback on what topics they wanted covered. Shawn finished the series based on feedback he received.

Subscribers were able to watch the individual videos as they were released, and to give feedback in a survey. [NOTE: All surveys connected with this series are closed now that the series is complete.]

The series is intended for all levels of Linux proficiency, so whether you’re new to Linux or a seasoned pro, your training needs will be met. Go beyond classroom theory and learn Linux as it is used in the real world. If you’ve just finished a certification exam, and say to yourself, "now what?", this series is your answer.