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    Default Zero To Tesla: Confessions From My Entrepreneurial Journey

    Zero To Tesla: Confessions From My Entrepreneurial Journey

    English | February 8, 2018 | ISBN: 1977004458 | EPUB | 240 Pages | 0.2 MB

    In 1996, at the age of thirty-one, Sanjay Singhal had just driven his second company into the ground, declared bankruptcy, and gotten a divorce. This book is the story of how he got there, got over it, and learned to enjoy the failures almost as much as the successes.

    Sanjay reveals the (almost) completely accurate story of how he came up with the idea for Netflix, invented the Blackberry, made millions investing in the Telecom industry, and how it all led him to hitting rock bottom, living in a student dorm and running from the law. Success delayed but not blocked, he then takes you through the journey of how he founded and took on the industry giant, Amazon's Audible Inc., to aggressively grow and eventually sell the business, becoming a Canadian tech success story.

    Now as one of Canada's most sought-after and successful startup investors, Sanjay's story will inspire you to take risks that no rational person would consider reasonable and to achieve success that no ordinary person would consider probable.


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