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Thread: A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language

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    Default A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language

    A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language

    by Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartvik

    pages: 1779

    published by Longman (May 1985)

    The Comprehensive Grammar is an expanded and revised version of a series of grammars first published in 1972 (starting with A Grammar of Contemporary English.) Since its publication, this book has been *the* standard reference work used by professional grammarians. It is a scholarly, descriptive account of English based on extensive analysis of real usage. It is particularly strong in the way that it stresses the communicative functions of English. It tries to present material without being bound to a specific theoretical position. In many ways, this was a wise idea, since it has allowed the book to remain useful over the years while syntactic theories have changed drastically.





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    How can I download it?

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    midoabdulla bGVzLzE0ODMyODQ2NC9Db21wcmVoZW4uR3JhbW1hci5yYXI=]
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