Baltimore Chronicles 1-2 by Treasure Hernandez
Requirements: Sony Reader, Mobi Reader, 595, 728 KB
Overview: Treasure Hernandez is an urban fiction writer, author of the Flint series. She is back with her second street series, a new town . . . a new drama, chronicling both sides of Baltimore’s black market.
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Volume 1: Derek Fuller is the head detective of the Baltimore Narcotics Division. His team has been assigned to take down the biggest drug operation in the city. There's only one problem . . . the head of the operation is his twin brother, Scar Johnson. Separated in Baltimore's foster care system, they came from two different walks of life, but both met at the top on opposite sides of the law. With the Assistant District Attorney in their back pocket, this was a marriage made in heaven—until the drama and deceit enters.

Delve into this treacherous story of love, deceit, lies, and murder. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and once one brother feels betrayed, the only retribution is death.

Volume 2: The power of seduction was all it took to plot the downfall of Baltimore's finest. After exposing her husband's dirty cop ring and setting his drug king pin brother up to go to prison, Tiphani Fuller has been promoted to circuit court judge of Baltimore City. There's only one problem, in the midst of all her scheming, her heart got tangled up in the clutches of notorious gangster Scar Johnson and now he's sitting across from her in a court of law. When she decides to flub the evidence in his case to set him free they begin an illicit street affair that sets the underworld of Baltimore on fire. Scar forms his Dirty Money crew, a loyal band of young stick up kids and with inside knowledge from Tiphani they begin to rob government armored trucks, letting no one stand in their way. Their reign of terror stretches far and she is positive that she will never be caught, but has no idea that someone is watching her every move.

Detective Maria Rodriguez is the only cop left standing after Tiphani's betrayal and she knows every little detail of Tiphani's checkered past. Blackmail becomes the name of the game when Maria's sister becomes involved with The Dirty Money Crew. This fast paced street thriller will blow you away.

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