Live Love Work Prosper: A Fresh Approach To Integrating Life And Work [audiobook]

New Live Love Work Prosper: A Fresh Approach to Integrating Life and Work [Audiobook]

Michael Tobin (Author, Narrator), “Live, Love, Work, Prosper: A Fresh Approach to Integrating Life and Work”
ASIN: B07FG9K7PV | 2018 | [email protected] kbps | ~04:46:00 | 136 MB

•Taps into an ever-increasing desire to find new ways to integrate life and work
•In the vein of bestselling business books like David Gelles’ Mindful Work and Emma Seppala’s The Happiness Track
•More than just another business self-help book, this volume weaves anecdotes, personal examples, and clear strategies in an accessible, thought-provoking prose
•Relatable and moving, The Evening Standard praised Michael’s story as “a life-affirming rags-to-riches tale”

Charismatic, philanthropic and multi-award-winning entrepreneur Michael Tobin has led an inspirational life from growing up in poverty in conflict-ridden Rhodesia to taking TelecityGroup from near bankruptcy to a billion-dollar company in only eight years. And in Live. Love. Work. Prosper he shares the invaluable experience he’s gained from his “life-affirming rags-to-riches tale”.

In Live. Love. Work. Prosper Michael draws on his personal and professional experience to challenge the received wisdom that there needs to be, or even can be, a divide or a ‘balance’ between work and life. This is truer than ever, given dizzyingly rapid rates of change in technology, business models and family fragmentation. He re-evaluates how now and into the future – we can be liberated by an integrated approach to success at work that’s more in tune with a satisfying and fulfilling personal life.

Through anecdote, personal examples and clear thinking, Michael Tobin shows us that drawing on the combined strengths of life, love and work creates a powerful new way of living. The result is a provocative, thoughtful manifesto which aims to alter forever the old-school concept of work-life balance, and replace it with a brave new world of work-life integration. Live. Love. Work. Prosper might just save your relationship, your career and your sanity.
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