Living With Hiv: A Patient’s Guide, 2d …

Living With Hiv: A Patient’s Guide, 2d Ed

From the first edition: "The content is easy to understand, and complicated medical concepts and jargon are explained. Newly diagnosed patients will find this an excellent book for learning more about HIV, and others will find it a great reference work…a valuable guide…highly recommended" Library Journal "A reader-friendly guide for those diagnosed with HIV" Midwest Book Review "Well-written guide…a timely and valuable resource" ARBA "Written in easy to understand language without sacrificing medical content" Reference Reviews In its updated and expanded second edition, this helpful guide offers a wealth of information for people living with HIV and for people caring for HIV-positive loved ones. All aspects of HIV/AIDS are discussed, including opportunistic and associated infections, dental care, exercise and nutrition, substance use and abuse and emotional treatment. New information will help the newly diagnosed adjust to their illness and long-term survivors to improve their quality of life. Up-to-date discussion of the latest medications covers the growing practice of using HIV drugs as preventatives. Essential Internet resources are provided that help patients live a longer, healthier life.

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