Look Back in Hunger by Jo Brand

Look Back in Hunger by Jo Brand
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Overview: Jo Brand is one of Britain’s funniest and best-loved comedians. With a sharp eye for the absurd and in her own unique voice, she tells her story for the first time. What possessed her to become a professional comedian in the cut-throat world of stand-up comedy after 10 years as a psychiatric nurse? How did she deal with late-night drunken audiences? Raised in middle class comfort, Brand left home in her teens to live with someone entirely inappropriate.
Her parents were aghast at her behaviour and attempted to rein in her excesses, finally giving up when she demonstrated that she was not headed for the life of a nun. From her early years growing up in a small south coast town with two brothers who toughened her up, to emerging on stage as ‘The Sea Monster’, Jo Brand tells it like it is with wit, candour, and a wonderful sense that life can be ridiculous but there’s always a funny side.
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