Lost Childhoods by Gregory J. Jurkovic

Lost Childhoods: The Plight Of The Parentified Child by Gregory J. Jurkovic
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Overview: Growing numbers of children are being destructively parentified, sacrificing their childhoods and assuming a parental role to take care of family members and the family as a whole. This process is found in troubled families of all kinds, whether experiencing marital conflict, divorce, substance abuse, depression, violence, incest, physical or emotional disability, workaholism, or other forms of stress and dysfunction. Lost Childhoods is an exploration of the complicated individual, family, sociocultural, and existential-ethical forces at work in the lives of parentified children-and treatment strategies that systematically address different layers of the parentification process.The author guides the reader from an integrated conceptualization to possible causes, transgenerational transmission patterns, and manifestations of parentification. The 2nd part of the book introduces methods of assessment, treatment, and prevention of destructive forms of parentification.
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