Luftwaffe 2018: Luftwaffe No 4: Secret Designs …

Luftwaffe 2018: Luftwaffe No 4: Secret Designs Of The Third Reich

Much has been written about German secret project aircraft designs in the decades since the end of the Second World War but much still remains to be discovered about what went on behind closed doors at companies such as Focke-Wulf, Messerschmitt, Arado and Heinkel. Ongoing new research in archives around the world has revealed dozens of previously unknown wartime plans and proposals for aircraft that were radical, revolutionary or just plain weird. In the fourth volume of his Luftwaffe series, historian Dan Sharp reveals a wealth of new discoveries – including never-before-seen drawings and designs for fighters, bombers, transporters, rammers, ground-attack aircraft, flying boats and flying bombs. Luftwaffe: Secret Designs of the Third Reich profiles Arados flying triangle and the amphibian Ar 233, the DVLs tailless jet fighter, Gothas missing link P-6 7, Henschels single-jet P 108, Messerschmitts supersonic experimental research aircraft and more unknown designs. Hundreds of original and previously unseen documents have been used to compile this unrivalled look at some of Germanys least-known Second World War project designs, featuring a host of new and period drawings, illustrations and photographs.

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