Photoshop CS5 Portrait Retouching + Exercise Files – Interactive Tutorial

In Photoshop CS5: Portrait Retouching, professional photographer and instructor Chris Orwig uses his extensive experience with Photoshop to focus on the specific tools every user needs to adjust images and keep them looking genuine. This course explores this program’s deep resources for portrait retouching and inspires photographers to do their creative best with everything from blemishes to backdrops. Exercise files are included with the course. See contents on next page.
For Windows and Mac. More than 10 Hours of Tutorials.

Topics include:

Understanding the art of retouching
Correcting overall white balance
Using color correction tools to correct skin tone
Using Content-Aware Fill
Detailing and improving eyes and other facial features
Working with the Camera Raw Adjustment Brush
Adding and improving hair
Whitening and brightening teeth
Softening skin and enhancing makeup
Reviewing the final workflow for the best work possible

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