Shooting with the GoPro HERO Fundamentals Video Tutorial

Got a GoPro? This series covers all the essential skills you’ll need to get out from behind the computer and start shooting in the field with your GoPro HERO or GoPro HERO4, whether you capture stills, video, or even time-lapse photography. In this installment, author Rich Harrington starts right at the beginning: getting the camera out of the box (trickier than it sounds) and setting up for your shoot. He’ll also share his insights on the different menus and buttons to get you up and running quickly, without fussing over controls. Follow-up courses in this series will examine different creative uses for the GoPro.

Topics include:

Choosing a GoPro model
Understanding your GoPro camera’s anatomy
Charging the battery
Choosing a memory card
Accessing video and photo shooting modes
Setting white balance for video
Shooting in burst or time-lapse mode
Shooting wirelessly
Downloading software
Buying GoPro accessories

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