Lynda – Preparing GoPro Footage for Editing 2017 TUTORiAL

Lynda – Preparing GoPro Footage for Editing 2017 TUTORiAL | 9.41 GB
After you’ve captured action shots in the field with your GoPro, you’re ready to get your footage off of your camera and into your video editing software. In this course, Rich Harrington walks through how to transfer and organize your GoPro footage so you can edit and share it.

He explains how to use built-in tools such as GoPro Studio. He shows how to trim away unwanted clips or parts of clips, transcode footage to formats optimized for video editing, use options-such as the GoPro CineForm codec-to ensure that your files are ready to edit in any popular editing tool, and more. Upon completing this course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to prepare footage for major professional and consumer video editing applications.

00 – Introduction
What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
01 – Installing GoPro Studio
Where to get the software
System requirements
Installing the application
02 – Choosing an Edit Drive
Connection type and disk speed
Formatting the drive for editing
Setting up a common media folder
03 – Understanding the GoPro Studio Workflow
Using GoPro Studio as a stand-alone application
Using GoPro Studio with third-party applications
Essential GoPro Studio preferences
04 – Importing and Converting Footage
Mounting a memory card
Mounting a memory card with a card reader
Creating a new project and importing source video files
Previewing files in the player window
Trimming clips to remove unwanted portions
05 – Advanced Conversations
Applying geometric corrections to clips and improving fish eye
Adjusting image size and aspect ratio
Changing frame rates
Setting conversion quality
06 – Choosing a Destination for Conversions
Setting the target drive
Batch processing with a conversion list
Understanding the GoPro Cineform codec’s active metadata
07 – Working with Time-Lapse Sequences
Importing timelapse files
Previewing timelapse sequences in the player window
Trimming and rotating timelapse sequences
Choosing conversion settings for timelapse sequences
08 – The Path to Editing
Importing footage into Adobe Premiere Pro
Importing footage into Final Cut Pro X
Importing footage into iMovie
Importing footage into Premiere Elements
Installing the Cineform codec on other machines
09 – Editing with GoPro Studio
Previewing clips in the player window
Using a Storyboard to combine multiple clips
Trimming and splitting clips
Changing clip speed
Adding transitions
Color correcting footage and keyframing
Applying effects and comparing with a split
Adjusting framing
Adding music and other audio
Adding titles
Adjusting global playback settings
10 – Using GoPro Edit Templates
Exporting a movie
Exporting still images
Saving your project
11 – Exploring Your Project
Syncing media with GoPro Plus
Editing on Quik: Desktop, part 1
Editing on Quik: Desktop, part 2
Editing on Quik: Mobile, part 1
Editing on Quik: Mobile, part 2
Editing on Quik
12 – Conclusion
Exercise Files

Country: USA
Subject: Video processing with GoPro
Type of distribution: Video lesson
Duration: 2:22:00 am
Year of manufacture: 09/06/2017
English language
Translation: Subtitles




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