Mad as a Hatter by Kendra Moreno

Mad as a Hatter by Kendra Moreno (Sons of Wonderland #1)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 318 KB

Descend into Madness.
Clara spent her whole life fighting in courtrooms for the downtrodden, the strange ones, the abused. It’s only natural that when a man with rabbit ears on his head comes to see her, she doesn’t blink an eye.
.until he opens a portal and drags her to Wonderland.
But this isn’t the world she’s read about at home. This world has been twisted, poisoned by none other than the Red Queen.
There’s a prophecy, the only chance Wonderland has of survival. Clara is foretold to defeat the Knave and claim the Hatter’s heart. But there’s a problem. The Hatter is insane and Wonderland is full of unspeakable horrors. Death waits behind every tree. If the Beezles don’t get you, the Bandersnatch will.
Can Clara embrace the madness and her destiny, or will the reign of the Red Queen continue?
This isn’t the Wonderland you know.

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