Magic In The Mundane: Making Life’s Ordinary …

Magic In The Mundane: Making Life’s Ordinary Extraordinary

"A beautiful, simply remarkable read on every dimension." Mike Lewis, author of When to Jump: If the Job You Have Isn’t the Life You Want How do you want to "do life"? We are bombarded with messages to do more, be better, and live a life worth living, but how do we do this in an increasingly complicated and fast-paced world? These are the questions Anthea Stratigos has been asking herself for more than twenty years. And the answers she provides here have fostered a way of living and working that’s led to an immensely satisfying result. Through ten guiding principles, her stories share simple changes you can start making today to follow your heart and find your opportunities to thrive. From a humble upbringing, Anthea built a career and a business serving some of the Fortune 500’s most successful companies, all while raising a blended family and nurturing her relationships. The brightest minds across industries turn to Anthea for trusted advice and leadership, but she didn’t achieve this success by "doing it all," as they say. She prioritized, set boundaries, and made choices that made magic from the ordinary aspects of life. Enhanced by her grandson’s illustrations that capture the essence of her advice, this book offers the same poignant stories and wisdom Anthea has shared with her friends and colleagues. Where will you find your magic in the mundane?

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