Magical Experiments by Arthur Good

Magical Experiments: Scientific Amusements to Entertain and Instruct by Arthur Good
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Overview: A rare book that feels equally of its time and timeless, this collection of vintage magazine articles presents simple hands-on experiments that seem as much like parlor tricks as they do scientific discoveries. The illusions introduce a range of principles, including centrifugal force, magnetism, and atmospheric pressure. Employing such common household items as corks, bottles, eggs, and soap, the feats are delightfully easy to conduct.
More than 150 experiments, each accompanied by a charming period engraving, promise to amuse and astonish viewers. Stunts include making an egg waltz and a banana peel itself, balancing a plate on the point of a needle and a cup of coffee on a knife blade, changing water into wine and back again, and scores of other exploits. Created by French engineer and science educator Arthur Good, these experiments are regarded as the foundations of the modern approach to science education.
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