Magick and the Law Of Attraction by way of Maggie Shayne +

Magick and the Law Of Attraction: A User’s Guide by way of Maggie Shayne
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Overview: You are extra robust than you ever dreamed.

The Law of Attraction is these days sweeping our consciousness because of works like the ones of Jerry and Esther Hicks and the hit movie, THE SECRET. “Like draws like,” it says. “You can best enjoy what you place out,” it says. “You can and do create your personal truth,” it says.

To those that observe herbal magick, folks magick, witchcraft, that is outdated information. Creating one’s truth is what spells are all about.

Now for the primary time, a prime priestess and elder within the Craft of the Wise, who has been finding out Law of Attraction for greater than decade, explains how someone can learn how to mix those two disciplines into a very simple, pleased method of being that can give a boost to and empower your lifestyles past the rest you might have ever imagined.
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