Mainstreamers Physics Theories Doomed?: 19 False Axioms of Physics

Author(s): Mainstreamers’ Physics Theories Doomed?: 19 False Axioms of Physics

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This book is about some old physics axioms. I would like to realize there are problems with them. The statements and conclusions written here are not independent of each other. Therefore my proposed new axioms have a framework called Space-Matter Theory, which differs from any other theory. This is a framework built of new axioms. This theory does away with some old theoretical paradigms and explains hundred year old riddles of physics. Studying axioms is almost philosophy. Therefore I have hardly used mathematics. Your high school knowledge is enough to understand the whole book, and you may even skip all functions. An explanation goes with each one. Will scientists like this book? Knowing their pipe vision, it could only be a wish. The mainstream is a hard nut where, in many cases, the false one is better than the new and right one. The freethinker disaster gets punished: excommunication, exile. Physics and every other science and even art is full of such examples.This pipe vision has many consequences. One of them is the stagflation of physics.Stagflation is a term of economy. It means that economic growth stagnates while inflation increases. Stagflation is a phenomenon that must be stopped as soon as possible. What does stagflation of physics mean? This is my elegant expression for this: Many new theories with no results. Are latest physics theories created by mainstream scientists doomed to failure? Yes, they are. Why? Because mainstreamers use any old axiom without thinking thoroughly.In physics everything is based on some ancient opinions (axioms). What if some of them are false?Let us take an example. Newtons First Law of Motion is an axiom. Is this axiom right? Yes? What makes you think so?
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