Maistor: Classical, Byzantine and Renaissance Studies for Robert Brown

Maistor: Classical, Byzantine and Renaissance Studies for Robert Browning
English | 2017 | ISBN: 0959362614 | 388 Pages | PDF | 86.4 MB
The Humanity Department of Glasgow University in the early 1930’s was a place to inculcate persistence and application. Waiting for the calling of the roll of over two hundred names in the Ordinary class by Professor Rennie, was formidable enough; Snell Exhibitioners, however, such as Robert Browning became in 1935, went from four years in this severe atmosphere to four more of Mods and Greats at Balliol. They had to have staying power, a quality which Robert possessed in plenty, and which he demonstrated at Oxford by carrying off the Ireland, De Paravicini and Derby as well as a double first. The Snell Exhibitioners had a special quality of Scottishness; their accents set them apart from the English public school boys, and the fact that they were inevitably somewhat older than the rest made them a distinctive group. Robert was a recognizable example, quiet and hardworking, already at that time “collecting languages as a hobby” and soon including even Albanian in the collection. Contemporaries lacking his facility showed a certain reluctance to believe that this exceptional talent (demonstrated when tuning in to exotic radio stations) was really what it seemed to be. Looking already much as he has looked ever since, Robert gave the impression to some in his Balliol years that he was a member of the SCR rather than a student. Always the same quiet, self-controlled, modest and laconic Scotsman, with the characteristic walk that also stayed with him, he then seemed older by more than the three or four years that separated him from most of the other undergraduates.