Make Drawing Fun Again [Video]-

Life gets serious. Use these exercises every once in a while to make sure your art forever remains fun and your passion never dies.

While most of us found a love for art because it gave us access to a fun way to use our imagination, it’s easy to lose touch with that freedom when we start to take our work seriously. When was the last time you were able to draw without judging yourself? If it’s been a while, this class is for you.

In this class we will be abandoning expectations and rekindling our love for drawing. We will be doing that through three exercises. Only have time for one? That’s cool-each serves as a complete lesson on it’s own!

In Blobs, Blobs, Blobs we will be using whatever materials we have at our disposal (analog or digital) to create a page of organic shapes. We’ll be using these blobs to create all sorts of characters and designs. In Street Stuff we will take a walk around our neighbourhood or home and hunt down everyday objects to use as inspiration for our work. I promise you’ll never look at a fire hydrant the same way! In Some Assembly Required we will be using a list of our favourite things to draw a combination we would never dream of. Get ready to smash random objects together!

Make Drawing Fun Again [Video]
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