Making Marketing Music by Chintamani Rao

Making Marketing Music: Integrated Marketing Communications at Work by Chintamani Rao
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Overview: Advertising is the most visible aspect of marketing communications, but it is often just an introductory greeting, the first handshake. What your target customer sees, hears and experiences of the product and the brand-in use, at retail, in social media and at other points of interaction-must be in keeping with the expectations its advertising sets up. Putting them all together and making them work consistently and with synergy is what is called integrated marketing communications.

Running an integrated marketing communications programme is like making music, says author Chintamani Rao. The music we hear is a composite whole made up of the sounds of different instruments. They don’t all make the same sound at the same time but played together they move us. And that is how marketing communications must work.
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