Management Careers Made In Germany: Studying At …

Management Careers Made In Germany: Studying At Private German Universities Pays Off

This book reveals how to provide the leaders of tomorrow with the right education for a management career Made in Germany. It explains how private universities in Germany are helping to maintain the countrys respected educational standards, while also enriching them with exemplary services for international students. The book is intended as a practical guide, addressing any concerns students may have when considering studying at a private German university: admissions, visa, teaching quality and formats, tuition, degrees, subjects, housing, food, security, industry connections, and international job placement and leadership. It provides concrete strategies on how students can unlock their personal earning potential and how to find a top job at a national or multinational company. The authors demonstrate that a German university degree will generate rapid return on investment. Real-life success stories show how a degree from a private German university can pave the way for international professional success.