Martin Gardner’s Science Magic: Tricks and Puzzles (Dover Magic…

Martin Gardner’s Science Magic: Tricks and Puzzles (Dover Magic Books) Publisher: Dover Publications
Date: 2011-06-16
ISBN-10: 048647657X
ISBN-13: 9780486476575
Language: English
Pages: 96
Added: 2018-06-13 04:44:05
Make an eggshell turn a somersault, spin a coin so that it lands on “heads,” teach a bear to climb a string, and perform other acts of scientific wizardry! Martin Gardner, the master of mathematical puzzles, shares more than 80 of his finest magic tricks, teaching children and adults the scientific properties behind water, air, fire, heat, motion, gravity, inertia, friction, electricity, magnetism, sound, and light.
Fun and fascinating, the simple maneuvers require only basic everyday props, and those requiring matches, knives, boiling water, and other tricky items are marked with a symbol that lets kids know they’ll need assistance from an adult. Helpful drawings illustrate each stunt. Show more Show less 8db19d0eee97cff19713bcd243791d2e Size: (5.80 MB) File name: 048647657X.epub File size: 5.80 MB e85e5254218dddabd2adc1a74bdedbbb’s_Science_Magic_Tricks_and_Puzzles.epub.html Size: (5.76 MB) File name: Martin Gardner’s Science Magic Tricks and Puzzles.epub File size: 5.76 MB