Master the Day by Alexander Heyne

Master the Day: Eat, Move and Live Better With the Power of Daily Habits by Alexander Heyne
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Overview: You probably already know all the obvious health and weight loss why don’t you have your dream body?
What one early reviewer has already said has "transformed my life more than any other book I’ve read on the subject", Master the Day is a different way to think about getting the health, body, and life you want – by changing tiny habits, no matter what diet you’re on.
In Master the Day, you’ll learn: The nine daily success habits of people that lost over 100+ pounds in a healthy way, and kept it off years later, The four horsemen of the health apocalypse – what simple, overlooked habits cause repetitive failure no matter how many diets we try, Unlimited motivation – the willpower and discipline myth: How to be healthier with less discipline, and without all the "fitspiration" rah-rah motivational junk.How not having weight loss goals can actually make you more successful – without the constant guilt, self-hatred and frustration
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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