Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity…

Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings
Publisher: Independently published
Date: 2018-05-16
ISBN-10: 1981089152
ISBN-13: 9781981089154
Language: English
Pages: 262
Added: 2018-06-04 02:02:05

Have you ever been so consumed by negative emotions you thought they’d never go away?
The solution to deal with negative emotions is to understand how your emotions work and apply specific techniques to ensure you manage them as effectively as possible.
Master Your Emotions is the ‘how-to’ manual your parents should have given you at birth. By reading it, you’ll learn how to deal with negative emotions so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life.
In this book, you’ll learn:

    [*] A simple yet powerful formula to reprogram your mind to help you experience more positive emotions while reducing negative emotions
    [*] 31 simple coping strategies to deal with negative emotions short-term and long-term
    [*] How to change your story to take better control over your life and create a more compelling future
    [*] Practical exercises to deal with stress, defensiveness, jealousy, resentment, fear and many other negative emotions
    [*] How to use your emotions to boost your personal growth and achieve better results in all areas of your life.

Master Your Emotions is packed with practical exercises that will have an immediate positive impact on your emotional well-being.
Instead of just telling you to do something, we provide practical actions that can create real and lasting change if practiced regularly.
Download now to overcome negative feelings, take control over your emotional state and live a more positive and peaceful life.
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