MasterClass Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker Video Tutorial with Accompanying Workbook

Unlock profitable methods! Put your self around the felt from Daniel Negreanu-the greatest reside event poker winner of all time. The six-time World Series of Poker champion teaches complex principle and apply via hand-reviews of his profitable video games. Learn how one can sharpen your psychological recreation via demos on studying fighters and recognizing tells. Join Daniel on the desk to discover ways to build up your win fee, develop your ROI, and get your recreation “In the Money.”

01. Introduction
Meet your instructor-six-time World Series of Poker bracelet-winner Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu. Daniel begins his magnificence with an summary of what you can be informed and assures scholars that even probably the most complicated poker ideas will also be realized.

02. Understanding Position
Learn how one can straight away support your recreation by means of enjoying the correct playing cards on the proper time. Daniel evaluates early, center, and overdue place methods and offers recommendations on how one can capitalize at the alternatives that every place offers.

03. Hand Ranges and Board Texture
Daniel breaks down hand vary principle the usage of particular eventualities to display how one can determine levels in keeping with board textures, making a bet patterns, and participant inclinations.

04. Ranges: Hand Review
Using photos of a hand from The Big Game, Daniel walks you via his complete concept procedure as he deduces his opponent’s hand vary in actual time.

05. Game Theory and Math
Daniel discusses Game Theory Optimal poker and offers recommendations on how one can calculate pot odds and fold frequency at recreation pace.

06. C-Betting
The continuation guess is a treasured tactic below the correct instances. Learn the most productive occasions to make a c-bet and how one can use this software to maximise earnings.

07. Check-Raising
Learn how including the check-raise in your toolkit can open up bluffing alternatives, extract further cost, and stay you from getting run over if you find yourself out of place.

08. Three-Betting
Three-betting is extra prevalent now than ever. Daniel teaches you how one can shield in opposition to it and how one can use it to your personal recreation with out turning into predictable.

09. Three-Betting: Hand Review
Using photos of a hand from an EPT Barcelona Super High Roller match, Daniel illustrates the significance of enhancing your three-betting technique when encountering resistance.

10. Detecting and Executing the Bluff
A a hit bluff calls for greater than a just right poker face. Learn how one can use board texture, capped levels, and blockers to spot an opponent’s bluff and make your individual bluffs plausible.

11. Executing the Bluff: Hand Reviews
Using photos from 3 other fingers, Daniel finds how he detects value-to-bluff ratios, exploits participant inclinations, and pulls off triple-barrel bluffs at recreation pace.

12. Bet Sizing
Daniel explains the sophisticated artwork of guess sizing and teaches you how one can maximize cost whilst minimizing chance.

13. Overbetting
Learn the best prerequisites for the usage of an overbet, how one can worth it, and how one can use this complex tactic as a part of your profitable technique.

14. Multi-way Dynamics
When the selection of gamers on the desk will increase, your technique must exchange to take care of. Daniel explains the nuances of multi-person pots and teaches you how one can modify your play for this distinctive scenario.

15. Mixed Strategy
A predictable participant is a simple mark. Daniel teaches you how one can stay your fighters guessing by means of including layers in your recreation and stocks his private means for randomizing sub-optimal performs.

16. Mixed Strategy: Hand Review
Using photos from a hand between three-time WSOP winner Antonio Esfandiari and professional participant Tony G, Daniel demonstrates how a blended technique can have stored one poker legend some huge cash.

17. Pre- and Postflop Mistakes
Daniel breaks down the most typical errors gamers make as fingers development previous the flop to show you how one can keep away from them to your personal play.

18. Tournament Strategy: Early and Middle Stages
The means you play in a event early-on has a large affect at the ultimate end result. Learn methods particular to early and center level play, like how one can take note of stack sizes and account for blind construction from the get move.

19. Tournament Strategy: On the Bubble
Learn Daniel’s methods for navigating the precarious “bubble” together with how one can get within the cash by means of leveraging large stacks and keep away from ICM suicide.

20. Tournament Strategy: Late Stages and Final Table
Now that you’ve got made it previous the bubble, it is time to deliver house the prize. Daniel teaches you how one can take calculated dangers and execute strategically-timed aggression to change into a event champion.

21. Universal Tournament Strategy
Learn the common ways to take from desk to table-no subject the level or form of play-that will will let you all over the everchanging event panorama.

22. Cash Games
Learn how one can successfully play stack sizes, maximize cost, and keep away from commonplace errors in money video games.

23. Masking Tells
Daniel walks you via his strategies for overlaying tells together with how one can deal with a constant bodily baseline, apply the very best poker face, and give protection to your playing cards.

24. Spotting Tells, Part 1
Daniel teaches his precise procedure for figuring out if a participant is bluffing and divulges the bodily tells he is noticed in fighters that experience made him probably the most money.

25. Spotting Tells, Part 2
Daniel delves deeper into his research of frame language and demonstrates how craftier fighters would possibly attempt to trick you with the infamous “opposite inform.”

26. Spotting Tells: Hand Reviews
Using photos from two other fingers, Daniel pinpoints the precise moments that he picked up on reside reads from his fighters, and divulges how he used that treasured knowledge to maximise cost and mitigate loss.

27. Table Talk
Learn the delicate tactics Daniel makes use of desk communicate to get treasured knowledge from his fighters and the stairs you’ll be able to take to give protection to your self from prying gamers.

28. How to Think on the Poker Table
Daniel believes it can be crucial to not let emotion get in the way in which of common sense. Learn the average psychological traps poker gamers wish to keep away from and the tick list Daniel makes use of to stay a transparent head.

29. Managing and Exploiting Tilt
Daniel encounters TILT similar to each and every different participant. Learn the chant he makes use of to stay his feelings in test, and how one can use TILT as a weapon in opposition to your fighters.

30. Table Image and Metagame
Daniel teaches you how one can use your desk symbol and play the metagame to get inside of your opponent’s head and keep one step forward.

31. Table Image and Metagame: Hand Reviews
Using photos from two other fingers, Daniel presentations how one can use metagame as a weapon to thieve a pot from his opponent, and incorporate his desk symbol into his four-betting vary.

32. Player Profiling
Daniel profiles the several types of gamers you can stumble upon on the tables, the fastest tactics to spot them, and how one can modify your option to beat every form of participant.

33. Game Selection
Learn how one can determine your superb table-one the place you’ll be able to realistically win, maximize your profits, and feature a great time.

34. Bankroll Management
Learn the significance of fine bankroll control, how to select the correct stakes, get ready for shedding streaks, and stay your self within the recreation for the longer term.

35. Off-Felt Training
Learn how one can optimize your coaching time clear of the felt via apply, meditation, and a balanced way of life.

36. Life as a Poker Player
Daniel believes that being a poker participant is corresponding to operating a industry. Learn how one can be sure that your “industry” flourishes via essential pondering, emotional steadiness, and suppleness.

37. Closing
Daniel stocks courses realized from his maximum difficult stories and the most productive piece of recommendation he is ever gained, then encourages you to start out coaching.

38. Bonus Material: Online Play
Daniel analyzes the elemental variations between on-line and reside poker, and stocks recommendation on how one can keep away from hurting your earn fee.