Mastering Meal Prep: Easy Recipes and Time-Saving Tips to Prepare…

Mastering Meal Prep: Easy Recipes and Time-Saving Tips to Prepare a Week of Delicious Make-Ahead Meals in just One Hour
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Date: 2018-09-18
ISBN-10: 1612438415
ISBN-13: 9781612438412
Language: English
Pages: 128
Added: 2018-09-18 06:52:07

Don’t just make ahead, become a meal prep master!

The ultimate guide for learning the art of meal prep, this book shows how to make much more than just delicious recipes. It teaches how a well-used weekend hour will free up time during your busy work week and simultaneously have you enjoying amazing foods.

Each chapter is cleverly designed around foundation recipes that serve as the building blocks for a variety of different dishes. For example, Sunday’s grilled flank steak becomes a hoisin beef and green bean stir fry, steak tacos and a savory bibimbap.

In addition to providing smart alternatives to fast food and processed frozen meals, Mastering Meal Prep will make your life less complicated, cooking more fun, and meals that are both healthy and delicious! This book’s easy-to-follow approach offers everything you need to get started right now, including:

• Weekly Menus
• Grocery Lists
• Prep-Day Schedules
• Time-Saving Tips
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