Mastering Options: Effective And Profitable Strategies For …

Mastering Options: Effective And Profitable Strategies For Traders

This book introduces the novice binary options trader to the world of binary options. It also offers the seasoned retail binary options trader further insights into alternative trading strategies. Written in layman’s language it is easy to understand and uses concise language enhanced by clear relevant graphics to reveal the key aspects of trading this new financial instrument. All the key trading tools available for on-line binary options traders will be explained in such detail that novice traders should be able to master trading them profitably and effectively. The book concentrates on mastering the binary options markets and the use of technical and fundamental analysis to ensure profitable results. It will lay open the myth that binary options are a mystery and the author will use his thirty years’ experience as an investment banker to cut through the noise and provide a sharpened view of how they should be traded.

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