Mastering the French pronunciation – Speak like a native!

Mastering the French pronunciation – Speak like a native!
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Learn how to be able to read and pronounce ANYTHING in the French language – For English speakers.

What you’ll learn

How to pronounce every sound in the French language
How to read different combinations of letters (digraphs and trigraphs)
Identifying problematic sounds
All the rules regarding French pronunciation
Exceptions, how they work and how to pronounce them correctly


Ability to understand the English language



In this course you are going to learn all about the French pronunciation. Whether you are a complete beginner or already advanced in your studies (or even just a curious person that wants to learn something new), these lessons are going to provide what you need. I’ve created them with this exact purpose.

Regarding the curriculum, the course is divided in three sections plus two extra lectures:


This sections focuses on building a common language for us to solve the challenges that the French language presents. Knowing the obstacles you are going to face and having the rights tools to overcome them are a crucial skill when it comes to succeeding in a task such as learning a language. This tool is the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and I present it alongside other basic skills to acquire in order to build a strong foundation for what’s to come.


Here it’s all about making sense of the various combinations whose pronunciation isn’t easily deducible. We talk about these combinations (called digraphs and trigraphs) and explore each one of them, along with some other sounds that might be problematic, so that you can read French as it’s meant to.


The heart of the course are the rules governing the pronunciation of French. After learning all the sounds and when to use them, we have to face the challenge of all these rules and exceptions (and there are so many!) that make the French language unique. From phenomena that change the way you pronounce an entire phrase, to seemingly random silent letters and symbols foreign to English speakers, this section covers it all and more, helping you take the final step towards your mastering of the French pronunciation.



As a gift to all of you, I wanted to help you work out the pronunciation of both numbers and the French alphabet, both so fundamental to the French experience and also particularly strange in the way they seem to ignore what you’ve previously learned in the course.

If you are interested in the content, I invite you to try this course out and see if it fits your expectations as a student. You can always ask for a refund if it’s not what you’re looking for!

I hope with my help you can finally achieve your goals.

Good luck!

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