Mathematical Cranks (Spectrum)

Mathematical Cranks (Spectrum)
Publisher: The Mathematical Association of America
Date: 1992-09-01
ISBN-10: 0883855070
ISBN-13: 9780883855072
Language: English
Pages: 384
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A delightful collection of articles about people who claim they have achieved the mathematically impossible (squaring the circle, duplicating the cube); people who think they have done something they have not (proving Fermat’s Last Theorem); people who pray in matrices; people who find the American Revolution ruled by the number 57; people who have in common eccentric mathematical views, some mild (thinking we should count by 12s instead of 10s), some bizarre (thinking that second-order differential equations will solve all problems of economics, politics and philosophy). This is a truly unique book. It is written with wit and style and is a part of folk mathematics. Show more Show less 335cc1f8bd15cb7e8e6952aa3183cc62 Size: (4.40 MB) File name: 0883855070_cranks.rar File size: 4.40 MB